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K Computing has trained thousands and thousands of software engineers to build Linux software and systems. Get your training from the most experienced Linux training organization.

Embedded Linux Development This four day course provides substantial practice with the key steps in developing an embedded Linux product. The course shows attendees how to configure a small Linux kernel, develop code within the kernel, such as for new system functionality or device drivers, how to create a root file system from scratch, how to do cross-development, and how to measure and obtain real-time performance with Linux. Viewer PDF
Linux Development Fundamentals: Tools & Techniques This course provides substantial practice with key tools and capabilities available to developers of Linux based applications and system software. The course shows attendees how to use development and debugging tools and how to make use of many Linux system calls and library routines.

Attendees will spend approximately 50 percent of the class time actually gaining hands-on experience with these topics.

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Linux Device Driver Development This four day course provides substantial practice with the key steps in developing Linux device drivers. The course shows attendees how device drivers work with the Linux kernel, how to compile and load drivers, how to debug drivers, how to access PCI hardware, how to interact with USB devices, as well as other essential topics.

Attendees will develop a complete character driver that demonstrates the process of creating a Linux device driver and will study block and network drivers as well.

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Linux Kernel Internals This two-day, hands-on, course acquaints developers with the fundamental subsystems, data structures, and API of recent Linux kernel versions. Viewer PDF
Linux Kernel Debugging and Performance Measurement This course walks participants through kernel documentation, kernel configuration for debugging and performance, kernel debugging techniques and tools, kernel performance measurement, and performance related tools. Viewer PDF
Custom Classes K Computing can mix and match chapters from any of those courses, or content from unlisted courses with training content that includes: C++ devleopment, Linux memory managment, advanced socket programming, and more. In addtion K Computing has developed dozens of courses for clients.

Freescale related Linux Training.

K Computing is an authorized Freescale Training provider. K Computing can provide the above classes for Freescale targets as well as training around specific Freescale topics such as:

  • Freescale PPC, ARM, and ColdFire processors
  • LTIB for embedded Linux system development and deployment.
  • Experience with training engineers to use PCS and CodeWarrior as well.
Contact K Computing for further information about Freescale targeted training.

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