Linux Administrator Training

Training materials developed by RHCE and LPI certified Linux system administrators.

Linux Systems and Network Admin - Crash Course. This 4-day class is intended for UNIX system administrators that need a fast-paced Linux administration class to get up-to-speed quickly. The course includes system configuration, boot scripts and GRUB, package management, system security and much more. Viewer PDF
Bash Shell Programming In this course participants write shell programs that use the various data types and control structures of the Bashshell. They make use of environment and local variables, use functions and subshells, write robust shell programs with error checking, and use the related facilities of AWK, SED, and Expect. Viewer PDF

The famous K Computing vi Cheat Sheet

Many students have found this vi Cheat Sheet very helpful. More…

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University of California, Extension

Dr. Dankwardt will be teaching some classes for the University of California, Berkeley extension in the Spring, 2010. Get UC Berkeley credit!

Do you volatile?

Read about the use of volatile.

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