Advanced Training since 1993

K Computing began in 1992 as a training company serving UNIX developers and system administrators. K Computing training included high-end training for software developers requiring parallel programming, real-time, and other challenging expertise. Within a few years K Computing began providing Linux training as part of its repertoire.

K Computing became a pioneer, in 1999, by providing embedded Linux developer training as well as training for Linux device driver and application development.

K Computing has delivered training throughout the U.S. and in more than twenty other countries.

 K Computing instructors travel world-wide to bring the K Computing excellence in the most demanding of Linux training right to you at your organization.

K Computing provides live-on-the-web, instructor-led, hands-on, training to customers worldwide. K Computing instructors adopt the time-of-day of the customer where ever they may be around the globe so that your engineers can receive the training they need at the most convenient time for them.

Most K Computing open enrollment classes are held in Silicon Valley.

K Computing also provides its training through partners such as The Linux Foundation, The University of California Berkeley Extension (receive academic credit from UC Berkeley!), Hewlett-Packard, and LinuxCertified.